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Even if each informations you can find on the website www.avvocatoroccobianco.org has been carefully chosen, examined and elaborated, it is impossible to avoid any mistake, inaccuracy or omission. Therefore – with reference to the information one can freely consult on the website www.avvocatoroccobianco.org – the Firm could neither be considered responsible for inaccuracies, mistakes, contents of other quoted websites, nor for any use of them or reliance by the User: the Firm refuses any responsibility concerning provided informations and consequent results.

Copyright connected with signed texts belongs to the respective authors. Reproduction – with any mean, both analog and digital – is forbidden without the written approval of its authors and/or the webmeisters. Copying is exclusively  allowed for personal use.

According to art. 5 of Law n. 633 of 22 April 1941 on Copyright protection, official deeds’ texts of the Governments and Public Administrations, both Italian and foreign, are not protected by copyright.

This website does not constitute a newspaper and it is updated according to the availability of resources and not periodically.