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When you sign an Engagement Letter for legal assistance, power of attorney and defense in judicial, extra-jurisdictional issues or for expert advice, whatever its object or its value, and unless otherwise agreed in writing about different parameters for the calculation of fees (i.e. others than the following, which refer to D.M. 2004 – D.M. 2012 – D.M. 2014 – Conditional Fee Agreement – Lump-sums – Special Hourly Rates), our Firm will calculate professional fees as follows: for the time spent by providing the Services:

HOURLY RATE: € 250,00* per hour or portion of an hour

To which it may be added:

  • specific expenses as follows:


  • Car (including motorway expenses): € 0,90* / km
  • Other means of transport (taxi, airplane, train, etc…): end of the list

BOARD AND LODGING – For every day out of Office (i.e. our of the provinces of Rome and Belluno):

  • Travel fees per die: € 85,00*
  • Overnight: end of the list
  • Priority fee (if we should have to act within 5 hours from your request): € 500,00*
  • Priority fee for each working hour (besides the 12 hours – at € 250,00* per hour) on weekdays (up to a maximum of 4 hour per die): € 300,00* per hour of portion of an hour
  • Priority fee for each working hour (besides the 12 hours – at € 300,00* per hour) on non-working days (up to a maximum of 4 hour per die): € 400,00* per hour of portion of an hour


  • expenses with documented anticipations – whether taxable or not – paid on your behalf
  • VAT and Superannuation (respectively 22% and 4% or according to the rate in force)

Both parties must accept that the calculation of fees – as described above – is fulfilling and appropriate for the Services requested and provided.

Fees include every aspect of professional Services, including accessory activities and considering the value and the nature of the issue, the number and the importance of the problems, the quality of the Services, the results and the benefits gained – both economic and not -, the urgency of the provision.

You are expected to pay for our note of fees – which will be invoiced within 15 days from their reception.

You are also expected to pay for the fees as requested by the professional, irrespective of the judicial expenses settlement and of the counterpart’s obligation to refund legal expenses. You agree you give our lawyers your authorisation to make the counterpart pay for the fees – or retain some money recovered from it –  until the achievement of the amount to be paid for the provision of Services, as set by the Codice Deontologico Forense.

Anyway, the Hourly Rate will always be considered as the parameter for reference, interpretation and calculation between the Lawyer and the Client in case of disagreement or doubt connected with the application of a rate: in these cases the amount of professional fees could never by lower that the amount calculated on the basis of the Hourly Rate as described above.

*should you make any payment in pounds – or other currency – we will adopt the current exchange rate at the moment in which we actually receive your payment.

Avvocato Rocco Bianco